Addiction and mental illness are growing problems in our ever-changing world.

Perfectly Ordinary, a brand new British Musical, examines these issues and asks what all of it really means. In a Psychiatric Ward somewhere in the UK, we meet a range of unique, sometimes tragic, sometimes hilarious characters all striving to be ‘normal’.

Based on real life events and inspired by real people, this show is a touching exploration of the human condition.

“At one point, it is said that there is difference between living and surviving – though even just the latter is a lot to ask. It’s true – life is not always easy. ‘Perfectly ordinary’ reminds us of this. The message is clear – let’s not shroud mental health in stigma. Instead, let’s show more understanding for those that are currently suffering. After all, what is ordinary? Life certainly isn’t, and neither are we. Maybe that’s worth remembering.”
– Pocketsize Theatre


Coming to NSW in September 2019


This production will be raising funds for Everymind. For more information visit

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